Step #2: What to Expect from the EduScale Process




To the Step # 2 in the Onboarding Process in Solution Labs.


Thank you for being here, so let’s get straight into it.


This is what you can expect from the 90-day program that you signed up for with us.


So let’s go right into the agenda.


So for the agenda, what we have is we’re going to talk about SolutionLabs’ objectives.


I want to be super transparent as to what our agency looks and seeks during these 90 days.



Then we’re going to go into the onboarding process and we’re going to talk a little bit about the onboarding process.


We’re going to talk about the follow-up, how we’re going to follow up with you, and make sure that you’re satisfied.


Then we’re going to talk about why we did in 90 days.


We’re going to talk about the emotional journey of this process.


You’re going to see it’s not just happiness.


There are going to be some challenging parts.


I want you to be ready for those so that the expectations are set.


And then I want to talk about how you can help us help you.



So I know some of you are definitely very interested in getting the results that you want and you want to be able to help me help you.


And the best way to do this is going to be shared in this presentation.


So let’s go with the onboarding and follow-up.


So what we’re going to do is we’re going to have a strategy call at the end of this onboarding process.


We’re going to dive deep into your business and offer and there should be an offer.


We’re going to start creating a marketing plan.


So the goal with this strategy call is going to be to take the time necessary 



to really have everything that my team and I need to be able to create for you your sales funnels, your Facebook ads and everything else that has to do with your marketing.


So that’s why we’re going to set up this strategy call and the end of the strategy call maybe a week or so after, you’re going to receive a marketing plan where we’re going to show you everything that we’ve done with what we’ve discussed during the strategy call.


I think that this strategy call could last up to two hours or around two hours.



So that’s just a heads up.


Now, after that, we’re going to have a follow-up call.


So once everything has been put in place, we’re going to have a follow-up call one week after the launch of the funnel and advertising so that we can see what are the results and pivot accordingly.


Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to have some follow-up calls every month.


And lastly, if you have any questions, if you want some support, you don’t know, you need to talk to your people, make sure you go into slack 



and we’re going to offer you some ongoing support.


Obviously, as this agency is small, I’m going to be more than happy to even jump on some calls when we’re just getting started.


But you know, the reason why I put ongoing support on Slack is because we’re going to have some of our team onto those Slack channels and they’re going to be able to sometimes answer you better than I could and even faster.


So that’s the importance of the ongoing support on Slack.


At the end of this onboarding process, you’re going to be put into the Slack channel.



And in that Slack channel, I’ll share exactly with you how you can use Slack with the best, you know, the most efficient way to use Slack.


It’s been a tremendous tool for our business and communication and internal communication.


I’m happy to share it with you.


All right, let’s go into Solution Labs’ objective.


Our goal with this is to create some massive case studies.


We’ve done 0 to 300,000 dollars for one of our clients in less than 90 days in the French market.


And our goal now is to repeat that process for and with you.



And what we want to do is we want a three to 10x and sometimes maybe even a 100x, because why not?


Let’s think big on your online business profits.


Our goal is to create long-term, lucrative relationships with our clients.


We’re not looking for that, you know, one time, we sell you to service and you leave and we never deal again.


No, we’re really close to our client.


We want to make sure that we build these long-term relationships.


And I think that this 90-day program is just the beginning, 



the start of the great, you know, the greater perspective and the greater project that we were putting into place.


Our goal is obviously to continue offering you complimentary omnichannel marketing solutions to maintain month-over-month growth.


So. I want to make sure that the expectations are clear.


You know, if we’re setting up a follow for you and we’re doing the Facebook ads.


The likeliness of that initial funnel working really well 



and being very, very profitable from the very beginning is quite slim.


Unless you’ve really tested your offer, you’re really nailed, you’ve nailed down your marketing, your communication, and all that.


It’s pretty slim.


Our success has come from testing multiple funnels, but I’m confident that we’re going to be able to make some profits, do some earnings.


But I think that when we’re beginning and we’re starting out on this program, it’s important to understand that we want to continue adding new offers, new funnels, and new services to your marketing 



so that we can create that massive success.


It’s going to be time for us to keep on reinvesting into the business.


So that’s why we’re also putting it all over a 90-day period.


It’s going to allow us to really, you know, take our heads, get our eyes up, look further away into our horizon and we’re going to be able to do some better marketing decisions.


So why a 90-day program?


We’re going to talk a little bit more about it.


There are too many businesses that sacrifice long-term success 



with short-term rewards, and it’s oftentimes costing them their business.


I talk from experience.


I’ve done dropshipping successfully, but it’s just such a short-term business model.


We didn’t have any repeat customers and really most of my dropship well, all of my dropshipping stores now do not exist, and the reason is because it’s not a really sustainable and long-term business model.


So that’s why we want to make sure that when we’re working with our clients, we’re setting up the agenda for us to work during 90 days 



and hopefully much, much, much longer.


So instead of really focusing on the very short term, instead of focusing on, let’s say, to 30 days or even the week when we launched initial ads, we’re asking our clients and we’re very conscious of it to consider doing it taking a broader perspective, taking it over a 90-day period.


The task is not happening over a 30 days or 20 days or 15 days or even 60 days as we’re going to talk about the emotional journey of this process.



So, another reason why we do this is because we take the necessary time to build a conversion-ready, optimize sales funnels for our clients.


You know, we aim to make the funnels ready in five days.


So already just that, you know, it pushes it back, though I want to just make sure that we address this.


You’re not going to get billed for Facebook ads until the funnel is built.


So that’s an important point.


Now, our main traffic source during the first 90 days working with us with this program is going to be Facebook.



Now we use Google, we use Facebook for another client.


We use both channels.


They’re doing really well.


But the thing is, the difference between Facebook and Google is that on the Facebook side, you really need to let the artificial intelligence of Facebook really make it, take its course to be able to produce the results that we’re expecting and that we want for our clients.


So it requires some patience.


It requires nailing down the perfect audiences, the remarketing audiences.



And all of this really just takes time.


And I want to make sure that when you’ve signed up and when you’re onboarding, you understand that the results are not going to be immediate.


And that’s why we’re setting up a 90-day program.


Now another thing that I want to add, that’s a little bonus, I think, to the service that we offer is we’re going to do email marketing.


I think it’s something that a lot of people really overlook.


It’s not really being taught about, but it’s amazing how lucrative email marketing is.



And what we’re about to do is we’re going to be creating a list using this funnel.


So even though you might be quote-unquote losing money initially on the front end of your funnel, when we’re just getting started, we’re building that list.


And at the end of the 90 days, we’re hoping to have a list of above a thousand people and then we can start doing some email marketing.


We can do some flash sales, we can do some different offers and some newsletters and stuff.


And that’s when everything just becomes super profitable.



You don’t pay for traffic at that point.


So that’s why we were setting up for 90 days.


We want to be able to collect an email list and by the end of the program, be able to do your email marketing in combination with the Facebook ads.


All right, let’s talk about the emotional journey of this process.


So as you can see here, you can see that where you’re at the very beginning is you’re happy you have your sunglasses.


And when we launched the ads, the likeliness of the ads being profitable, 



even though we were aiming for…


Like the likeliness for the ads to be profitable from the first day is likely to be almost zero.


But our goal is still to just break even realistically, as the agency on it.


My goal with your Facebook ads account initially in the first 30 days is to be able to break even.


Once your 30 days has passed, we’re going to have some more data to work with.


We’re going to have more conversions.


We’re going to have custom audiences.



We’re going to have a lot more data to work with and that’s when we put on the full marketing machine on.


And that’s when we turn the Facebook ads from being break-even or slightly profitable or even sometimes unprofitable to profitable.


And as time goes by, I think that 60 days, once we have the marketing, the remarketing and we’re starting to drive traffic to offers, they’re optimized.


You’re going to be really happy.


And at the end of the 90 days, my goal is for you to have, 



to be raving about our services and to be happy to continue with us as we can implement new traffic sources, new traffic channels to your business and really maximize the profits, go to the fullest extent of what we’re able to offer for our clients.


That is our goal, and I think that’s the emotional journey of this process.


I want you to understand that it might not work initially, but as we do the testing and then we do the optimization, we’re really going to start seeing the results.



It’s just a question of patience and positioning our offers successfully in the market to growing our audiences, remarketing lists, etc.




So the last slide I want to address is what you can do to help us help you.


I think the first thing is to provide promptly the marketing material necessary for the completion of these services.


I cannot underestimate the importance of us having all the necessary accesses and marketing material to be able to create as much value as possible for you, 



whether it’s you proofreading the material that we create for you or you’re sending us your logo.


All this information that you’re going to be able to do in the Google form, I want you to know that there might be some slip-ups.


We might not have covered everything in the, you know, even the strategy call or the Google Sheet, the Google Form, I’m sorry.


You’re going to have to send us all of the necessary details as things evolve.


You know your offer change.


There are things that might need to change and we need to know this thing promptly.



It’s very, very important for us.


Communicate with us if there are any issues.


So as we start scaling the Facebook ads, there are going to be some issues.


Whether it’s going to be Stripe, it’s going to be Facebook ads limiting accounts, it can be your credit card busting.


I’ve been there, done that.


We’ve managed this successfully, but we need communication.


It’s very important.


You don’t want to waste a thousand dollars a day on advertising when your stripe is not able to take payments.


It’s a very expensive mistake.


So we want to make sure that where communication is on point.



Communicate to us through Slack will be responsive, very fast.


Now, another thing I want to ask is for you to sign up for the Clickfunnels Premium Plan.


I know it’s kind of expensive, but it’s really worth it.


We’re going to be able to make use of it immediately.


We’re going to be able to put in place the necessary sequences inside of your Clickfunnels account.


And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to have your CRM and your MailChimp and all of this stuff in a separate account.


You’re going to have it all into Clickfunnels 



and you’re going to have a real like, just don’t click funnels are going to be able to really know what the hell is going on in your business.


Another thing I invite you to do is to continuously improve your offers.


This is very important.


The market is becoming more and more competitive.

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